Thank you for celebrating with us

Hydro Tasmania turned 100 in 2014.

This significant milestone for all Tasmanians was worth recognising and celebrating. Our history goes well beyond the corporate story and is part of the living memory of thousands of workers and their families.

As we celebrated the first 100 years, it was an opportunity to give thanks to the men, women and children who made it all possible, and to hear the stories of the people who contributed so much.

We hosted and supported a range of events across Tasmania, and were delighted and humbled by the huge response to our 100 year celebrations.

Over 6000 people visited our travelling exhibition 100 Years of Hydro. The 'mini-museum' is now located in Tarraleah, where it will be on display over coming months.

Hundreds of people attended screenings of our documentary People of the Hydro in Hobart, Queenstown and Tarraleah, and many more have purchased a DVD as a permanent souvenir.

More than 2800 people visited our hydropower stations during our series of open days, and 700 people came 'Back to Waddamana' for our 100th birthday party.

You can re-live the events by viewing the centenary image galleries.

Thank you, on behalf of all at Hydro Tasmania, to everyone who celebrated with us.

The celebrations may be over, but the stories timeline remains as an online archive of our history, and we encourage you to continue to share your Hydro photos, stories and videos with us so we can share them with the world.