The next 100 years

Predicting the future is a tricky business.

For every extraordinary prophecy of 100 years ago that came true, plenty missed the mark by a long way.

In 1900 an American engineer called John Watkins made a number of predictions. He accurately predicted the concept of digital colour photography, mobile phones, television and ready-made meals. But he also predicted no more cars in large cities, free university education for all, the demise of the letters C, X and Q, and the extermination of rats, mice, flies and mosquitoes.

Even the experts can get it wrong sometimes.

At Hydro Tasmania we’ve spent the last 100 years thinking ahead to satisfy the energy needs of future generations in the most sustainable way possible. We haven’t always got it right, but we think we have done pretty well.

As part of our centenary celebrations we invited young Tasmanians to imagine our energy future. Students in years 5-10 were asked to consider how we might source and use energy 100 years from now, and explain their idea in 100 words or less. See the winning entries.