Timeline help

To navigate the timeline, scroll down so that you can see the years/decades ‘ruler’ at the bottom of your screen. You should also be able to see the black ‘themes’ banner above the timeline.

Filter stories by theme or see all stories

To filter the stories, click on particular ‘themes’ (e.g. facts and figures, people’s stories, etc.) on the black themes banner above the timeline. If you want to see all the stories, click ‘All content’.

See more or less detail

Use your mouse wheel to zoom in (roll wheel up to see more detail) and zoom out (roll wheel down to see less detail) of the timeline, or use the plus and minus navigation buttons at the top-right of the timeline.

Move forward or backward in time

To move right or left on the timeline, you can either click and drag on the timeline scale or use the right and left navigation arrows at the top-right of the timeline.

Read a particular story

Click on a particular story to read about that moment in our history. The story and associated images will appear in the top part of your browser window. You can move to the next or the previous story by clicking on the arrows on each side of the story.

Share or comment on a story

Below each story are icons you can use to share the story on Facebook, Twitter or by email. You can also comment on a story by clicking on the ‘Have your say’ link below the story (e.g. you might have more detail to add, or you may wish to correct details or offer a different perspective). Your comments will be reviewed by a moderator before being added to the site.

Share your own story

We hope you will enrich our centenary timeline by submitting your own Hydro-related stories and photos (and even audio and video) here

Your story will be reviewed by a moderator before being added to the site.