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Heritage listing for Hydro Tasmania’s Great Lake scheme

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The importance of the Great Lake Power Scheme to Tasmania’s historical development has been formally recognised, with the permanent listing of key elements of the scheme on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

The listing is the first Hydro-built scheme entered on the Register; another Hydro-operated site on the Register, Lake Margaret, was built and operated by the Mt Lyell Co. from 1911 – 1984.

In 1916 power generation began at the Waddamana A Power Station. Between 1939 and 1949 Waddamana B was built to meet the increasing demand of electricity in Tasmania.

“Waddamana A was Tasmania’s first state-owned hydro-electric power station and the first step in the establishment of a statewide electricity grid. It is important because of its association with the birth of 'the Hydro' and the push by government to drive economic growth through hydropower development,” said Sandra Hogue, Hydro Tasmania’s Sustainable Resources Manager.

“The listing underscores the important contribution made by ‘the Hydro’ to Tasmania’s social and economic development over the past century, and is a fitting tribute in our centenary year.”

The Great Lakes listing includes the two power stations at Waddamana and the adjacent village, as well as Miena Dam and other infrastructure.

“The Great Lakes Scheme including the Waddamana power stations is a tremendously important part of Tasmania’s history and highlights the story of hydro-industrialisation as a driver for economic growth in Tasmania,” said Chris Tassell from the Tasmanian Heritage Council.

“Both Waddamana A and Waddamana B are substantially intact examples of early 20th century hydro-electric power stations in generally good condition, retaining a high degree of integrity in respect to their construction and equipment. They are excellent examples of hydro-electric generating technology from 1910 to the 1950s.

“The Heritage Council is pleased to have been able to collaborate with Hydro Tasmania to enter the power scheme in the Heritage Register in time for the centenary celebrations.”

Heritage Listed elements of the Great Lake Scheme include Waddamana A and B stations, Waddamana village, elements of the water supply system including Miena Nos. 1 and 2 Dams, Liawenee, Waddamana and Shannon canals, Penstock Lagoon, Hilltop camp and the sites of McAuley’s hut, house and segments of the Red Gate tramway. Only Liawenee Canal is still an operating Hydro asset.


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