Near Kanna Leena, 17 Dec 1910, just after Ida McAulay had turned the first sod on the service channel for the Waddamana power scheme.
Dec 1910 

Turning the first sod - Ida McAulay's speech

Ida McAulay: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been wishing for the gift of words, so as to be able to express adequately the pleasure and honour which I feel it to be that it is my lot to perform this initial ceremony for the Complex Ores Company, and to say something worthy of this great occasion. For I feel that in spite of the small gathering here present – the consequence of our distance from any centre of civilisation – it is a great occasion. I feel that deeply, this turning of the first sod of the channel, which will bring the waters of the Shannon to do their great work at the Power House. It means the advancement of Tasmania, and the making of her of what she has never been and never would have been, but for this great waterpower scheme. I have special pleasure in performing this act because my husband, Professor McAulay, thought of this particular scheme, several years ago, and wrote about it in the Mercury. He has often said to me, ‘It will come some day, that is certain’, but we never thought that the day would come so soon."