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Photos from Carl Brown

My maternal grandfather, Carl Brown, worked as a clerk (I believe) on site as the Clark Dam was being built. I have recently found a packet of photos he sent to my mother in Geelong, back then. So am adding these photos that record part of the...Find out more

Plant Section - 1970

I joined the Plant Section of the HEC in Hobart in June 1970. I was a recently graduated Mechanical Engineer from Wollongong NSW and travelled down to Hobart in June with my wife to start work in Tech 2B of the plant section. From memory, the...Find out more

Polish ex-servicemen memorial cairn

Polish ex- servicemen memorial cairn Trevallyn 2014 by Clifton Townsend

Glenis and I were bushwalking in the Trevallyn Park near Launceston when we came across a large rock cairn with a plaque and etched stones. Cairns...Find out more

The Gordon River Underground Power Station

The Gordon River Underground Power Station 1974 by Clifton Townsend

The Gordon River Underground Power Station is the largest project undertaken by the Hydro. Formed by a large machine hall 67,373m3 carved out of quartzite...Find out more

Twin lakes Pedder and Gordon

Twin lakes Pedder and Gordon by Clifton Townsend 2014

I visited the original lake Pedder in mid-sixties. Flown in by helicopter from the Hermit Valley Hydro camp on a lovely fine day, following the Serpentine River with its...Find out more

The Lindner Story

Like many other Hydro workers, Hans Lindner travelled from Europe to Tasmania after World War 2. Hans left his homeland and family in Germany to travel to Naples, Italy to board the Sitmar Line ship, the Castelbianco, which was to travel to...Find out more

Stringer Creek

1978 the Strathgordon Underground Power Station surveys where I worked for many years were scaling down and I was transferred to the Lower Pieman Scheme at Stringer Creek.

Moving to Stringer Creek from the Strathgordon Chalet for most...Find out more

Wayatinah kids in the mid 1950s

Wayatinah kids in the mid 1950s

It was great growing up in Wayatinah for us Tomlins – me (Jill), my sister Andrea and my brother John.

We lived on South Street over the road from the Staff House. Next door lived...Find out more


It was 1970 and I had just finished my apprenticeship as a fitter and machinist. I went to work at Gowrie Park on the Mersey Forth scheme an I was there for three months before going to work in Germany.I remember meeting some very good tradesmen...Find out more

Theo Beluch’s Story

Growing up in Bronte was idyllic in my dad (Theo) – especially for a 10 year old boy who loved nothing more than to spend the day away from home playing amongst the bush, with the other village children. Cowboys and Indians was one of the...Find out more