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Duck Reach Power Station

I found these two old pictures of the mounted on a card backing and with a draftsman written description used to be on the wall in the old HEC Davey Street office. The HEC took over Duck Reach in July 1944.  The smaller turbines are still driving...Find out more


It was 1970 and I had just finished my apprenticeship as a fitter and machinist. I went to work at Gowrie Park on the Mersey Forth scheme an I was there for three months before going to work in Germany.I remember meeting some very good tradesmen...Find out more

Turning the first sod - Ida McAulay's speech

Ida McAulay: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been wishing for the gift of words, so as to be able to express adequately the pleasure and honour which I feel it to be that it is my lot to perform this initial ceremony for the...Find out more

Ida McAulay turning the sod

Ida McAulay, my grandmother, turned the sod for the opening of the original hydro scheme in 1910.

This photo is of her looking out the window at the "sod", which was replanted in her garden,surrounded by stones. I have the original journals...Find out more

Working as a pick-and-shovel man

Lindsay Brown: My Dad was a shepherd for one of the big land-owners at Shannon and I was the fourteenth child in the family, born on 6 July 1898. We lived in a fairly big wooden house – it had three living rooms and six main...Find out more

Harry Curtis is appointed Engineer-in-Charge of Waddamana

John Butters visited New Zealand in 1915 to inspect hydro-electric developments and while he was there he recruited Harry Curtis to be the Engineer-in-Charge of the new power station at Waddamana. Harry and his family moved to Waddamana in...Find out more

Opening the sluice gates

Ida McAulay: At the penstock, all due honour was paid to Mr Gillies. After all the right things were said the Governor-General, with a little assistance, turned the lever that raised the gates to let the water from the Penstock...Find out more

Waddamana Power Station officially opened

The first two generators at Waddamana Power Station came into service on 6 May 1916 providing the first hydro-electric power to Hobart. 

Each machine had a capacity of 4 900...Find out more

Bill Milsom's story with H.E.C

The Hydro was a big part of my grandparent’s lives and I would like to share their story.

My grandfather J.B (commonly known within the Hydro as Bill) was born in Tasmanian and had spent some time in Adelaide in the “Light Horse” prior to...Find out more

The rift at Miena Dam

John Butters: By mid-winter 1921 a large amount of work had been put into the dam at Miena, but we’d experienced extremely bad luck. In order to be certain about the foundations and their cost, trial pits six feet square had been...Find out more