Lindner surveying for Hydro Tasmania
Cethana Dam - 13 March 1971
Devils Gate Dam - 7 March 1971
Poatina working

The Lindner Story

Like many other Hydro workers, Hans Lindner travelled from Europe to Tasmania after World War 2. Hans left his homeland and family in Germany to travel to Naples, Italy to board the Sitmar Line ship, the Castelbianco, which was to travel to Australia.
Hans noticed Lori Schubert with her mother and asked if he could help with their luggage. During the journey to Australia, Hans and Lori fell in love. The ship berthed in Sydney. Hans continued to Tasmania to start his job as a Chainman for the Hydro and Lori continued to Albury.
Hans and Lori married in Melbourne on the 29th of December 1952. Lori travelled with Hans to Bronte Park in the central highlands to start her new life as Hydro wife. Their first meal in their new home was taken sitting on apple crates as chairs and using a tea chest as a table.
In Bronte Park, Hans and Lori had the first of their children, Martin (named after Hans' younger brother) and Katherina (named after Hans' mother).
The family subsequently moved to 7 Denison Street, Poatina to enable Hans to start working on a new dam system. Poatina was a new village with modern facilities. As Hans' education was interrupted due to the war, he started schooling to obtain the qualifications to become a surveyor.
While living in Poatina, Hans and Lori had two more children, Peter and Andrew. The family obtained more independence when Hans bought an EK Holden station wagon in Melbourne, traveling often to Turners Beach with a picnic in summer.
After Poatina, the Lindner family moved to 166 Wellington Street in Gowrie Park. Lori created a warm home environment and Hans worked the garden, making grassed areas and paths, along with an extensive and productive vegetable garden.
Lori's mother would visit often from Melbourne and Lori would recall how Hans and Valentina would sing together while washing the dishes.
Hans and Lori became Australian citizens on July 28th, 1965.
With the Mersey Forth dam scheme coming to an end, so was the Gowrie Park village, with families leaving, the houses being vacated, sold and moved elsewhere.
Hans and Lori decided to build a house at Kingston Beach and while this was being built, moved temporarily into a house on the Brooker Highway.
Hans worked at Strathgordon (Gordon scheme) for many years mainly working on the Underground Power Station and travelled back to Kingston Beach for the weekends. While staying in the Strathgordon Chalet, Hans enjoyed listening to classical music for about an hour each night. One of his chalet neighbours recalls sharing a room wall and that he enjoyed the music too!
Finally moving back to Hobart working as a draughtsman in Head Office, but Hans always preferred the work life of a surveyor in the bush.
Hans passed away 8th April 1999 and Lori passed away 19th July 2013.
I have the greatest and fondest memories of Gowrie Park as a Hydro kid, the summers, the winters, the school (my teacher Mrs Pettitt), the house, the bush, the tadpole and frog ponds. When I visit Gowrie Park I always try to figure out exactly where "our" house was and I wonder where our house, the school and the church ended up.

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