down stream east bank
downstream view from water level
east bank showing dam and mixer house
east bank
Flying-fox head-tower east side
Form work being loaded by flying fox
Looking into trash racks upstream
Pouring concrete
Preparing block for concrete
Sand-heaps from sand plant
Showing early stages of dam with dry river bed and diversion canal
Taken during early stages of construction. River diverted through canal
Taken from west bank
Raken from west side looking down on power-house foundations
taken up stream showing coffer-dam. Water diverted through canal
Taken upstream west bank showing flying fox head towers, works office and mixer house
Upstream view from east bank
Upstream view of concrete bucket suspended from flying fox
Vibrating concrete during pour
View of Butler Gorge-Tarraleah canal from Clark Dam
View of Dam fro cableway road
West side downstream

Photos from Carl Brown

My maternal grandfather, Carl Brown, worked as a clerk (I believe) on site as the Clark Dam was being built. I have recently found a packet of photos he sent to my mother in Geelong, back then. So am adding these photos that record part of the construction process. The descriptions attached to each are as written on the back of the 11 by 7 centimetre snapshot