Serpentine River - Picture by Clif Townsend
Lake Pedder with Mount Solitary in background
Devine family Lake Pedder - Eileen,Ron, Kimba, Karen and Christine Watson - picture by Ray Devine
Lake Pedder showing dark tanins in water
The new lake Pedder 2014 picture by Clif Townsend
The new Lake Pedder taken off the Gordon River Road 2014 by Clif Townsend
The new lake Pedder taken off the Gordon River Road 2014 by Clif Townsend
Lake Gordon beaches 2013 - picture by Clif Townsend
Clif top of Clear Hill with newly formed beaches around lake Gordon in the back ground
Lake Pedder map - zoom to view

Twin lakes Pedder and Gordon

Twin lakes Pedder and Gordon by Clifton Townsend 2014

I visited the original lake Pedder in mid-sixties. Flown in by helicopter from the Hermit Valley Hydro camp on a lovely fine day, following the Serpentine River with its many tight bends, flying for about ten to fifteen minutes to reach Lake Pedder beach to commence the search for personal belongings of three HEC employees whom drown, when their aluminium dinghy over turned in rough weather. We circumnavigated the edge of the Lake very slowly using the helicopter a couple of times. Finally forming a grid pattern across the lake and walking parts of the lake edge in search of any belongings, spending a long day there.

My impressions and thoughts of the old Lake Pedder; Impressive, very nice, remote lake with a large beach frontage of about 3km with amazing sand wave pattern just below the surface, emphasised by the dark tannins in the water along the Eastern beach frontage. The old Lake Pedder had restricted access only available to those who were fit enough bush walkers to walk in, or by flying in for those who could afford it. The old lake Pedder was located North East of the Franklin Range and West of Mount Solitary with Lake Maria and a number of small tarns in the North east corner. The lake drained in a North Westerly direction via the Serpentine River to the Gordon River.

The two new lakes Pedder and Gordon of grandeur size and magnificent pristine water and mountain views can be accessed and enjoyed by all those wishing to do so by car. These new lakes provide excellent trout fishery, boating, photography, art group excursions, kayaking and bush walking. Some excellent reflections of the new Lake Pedder, mountain vistas can be seen or photographed off the Gordon River Road from McPartlans canal to the Gordon River dam. Scott’s Peak road to the dam site provides some of the best accessible lake and wilderness pictures easily available by all to see in the South West of Tasmania.

I am surprised that no or little business opportunities have been taken up by tourist operators, trekking groups or the Tasmanian Air Adventures seaplane flying out of Hobart. Tourists could take in the scenery and land at Lake Pedder Chalet for lunch or stopover. Business opportunity is available for making calendars or books for the global market. The scenery the two new lakes provide all seasons and weather conditions, are remarkable and breathe taking to say the least. Nature over the past 42 years has adjusted to the two new lakes forming new beaches and showing off extreme beauty they both have to offer environmentally.

Since my retirement I take the opportunity to bush walk and climb some of the mountains surrounding lakes Pedder and Gordon with its ever changing panorama pristine views. In summer, dark blue enhanced scenery, winter, shades of grey and wind swept surfaces, spring, the additional colour from wild flowers in foreground, autumn, mirrored reflections around lake edges with sharper resolution of the mountain ranges.