Class of 1955 or 1956

Wayatinah kids in the mid 1950s

Wayatinah kids in the mid 1950s

It was great growing up in Wayatinah for us Tomlins – me (Jill), my sister Andrea and my brother John.

We lived on South Street over the road from the Staff House. Next door lived Helen and Martin Ward, down the road was Agnes Jackiewicz and then Robert Godfrey, and round the corner was Elvio Politzi  and then Ding Murphy and his brother Phillip.

My best friend Ann Labiak lived a few doors the other way, and then came Maria Guidici and my brother’s friend, Charlie Sinesi. Further on were the Ashwoods.

Up the hill going to the school was Andre Gawlick and Lily Cawa and further up opposite the school was the Rose family and the Newman boys.

My mum ran Hesta’s shop in the main street and my dad worked in the mechanical branch as an engineer.

Life was pretty simple. After school and in the holidays we used to roam free until we got hungry, and at night the 5 o’clock hooter was a signal to go home for tea.

The pool was great in the summer. At first we swam in a fenced-off section down in the lake – which was very muddy. Then the pool was built. It was quite deep at the ‘deep end’ but I never remember anything like a pool attendant or a guard. There was also a pool for littlies. The bigger kids were expected to use their common sense when swimming in the big pool, although I do remember someone dived in off the top board and hit his head on the bottom of the pool – I think this was an adult.

Can anyone fill in the blanks in the photo?

Back row: 

  x    Kerry Newman, Pieter Schouten, Richard Gall, Tommy Lock, Stefan Stolp   x   Albert Trinks,  David Cole,  John Crossin, Royce Farrow, Eddie…..

3rd row:   

Peter Cuttriss, Greg Williams, Ken Fogg/Rober Manning?,  Geoff Adamski, Philip Murphy,   x  Philip Williams, David Stokell, Kim Wise, Robert Godfrey, Philip Voss.

2nd row:  

  x    Julie Leja, Judith Manning, Sue Elkin,    x      x    Angela Lane, Maxine Paine, Jill Tomlin,  Pat Hayes,   .….Dewherst. Teacher Miss Bellchambers

Front row:        

Ann Labiak, Elizabeth Stonehouse, Jill Stonehouse,  Diane Gregory, Maria Guidici,     x     Gisella Kiebecks, Sandra Strong,  Lynette Fogg,  Andrea Tomlin,  Nancy Hadfield.


I was originally named Andre Frelek and I remember some of the names on the photo. Not sure if I am on it but we lived over the road from the Bellchambers in Third Street. Miss Bellchambers became Mrs da Ross. Next door were the Schoutens but they moved and Dario Tomat and his parents moved in. The Schoutens had a lot of kids and one was called Pete and another Pate. One day one attacked the other with a tomahawk and cut his skull. On the other side was the Kibecks, whose daughter Ursula taught me to play chess when I was 7. Their house burnt down and lots of old records were melted.  I remember Richard Tarr broke his leg when someone hopped off a see saw. Also remember Dad rescuing our chooks from the bush during a big bushfire. I learnt to swim in the pool. I have four younger siblings - Freya, Rosemary, Carmen and David. Carmen and David were born at Ouse Hospital.

I have wonderful memories of my time at Wayatinah. I started school there when the first school was built.